We provide professional planning and engineering services to clients, proposing construction of new or modernization of existing facilities of all types. The achievement of quality engineering through development of creative, functional, and economical solutions for each project is our primary concern. Intensive use of latest tools for design, drafting, and calculations assures accuracy and coordination of our projects.

We provide the following engineering services; complete and comprehensive from assistance in formulating project criteria through completion of project design:

¨        Feasibility Studies & Criteria Statements

¨        Analysis of Engineering Data

¨        Preliminary and Retrofit Designs

¨        Economic Analysis

¨        Energy Analysis

¨        California Energy Efficiency Standards Title 24 Compliance and Documentation

¨        Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System

¨        Construction Documentation

¨        Specifications

¨        Cost Estimates

¨        Verification of existing Facilities-Electric Service, Switch boards, Panel Boards, Fire Alarm Equipment and Devices, Telephone, Cable-TV and other Low Voltage Systems

¨        Coordinate the new or additional electric service and transformer location with the utility company such as DWP, SCE, PG&E, Coordinate Telephone and Cable TV service with AT&T, Verizon and Time Warner

¨        Prepare Construction Documents to illustrate the following, but not limited to:

◊         Inspections to determine correct load and spare capacities, etc.

◊         Layout for the electrical room or main switchboard yard

◊         Single Line Diagram

◊         Load calculations and panel schedules

◊         Short circuit calculations and device tripping coordination studies (if needed)

◊         Design the physical locations of the main service, distribution switchboards, and motor control centers

◊         Site electrical plan showing distribution of the electrical power, low voltage, data and fire/life safetyParking lots, exterior lighting controls and inverter system for egress lighting (if required)